Jastin Artis | President

Bringing the heart and soul to everything he does, Jastin Artis Batts (prefers Jastin Artis) is a professional writer, entrepreneur, and musical artist based out of Northern Virginia who bridges the gaps and brings you the answers you didn’t even know you were looking for. Jastin joined Lionheart Records Inc. in Dec. 2019 as an intern, but his skills in writing, audio, artist development, mindset, and willingness to show up earned him a contracting role with the label. 


Jastin is continually pushing the envelope; whether it is personal development, his music, or cultivating fellow artists' success. He is the type who rises and finds excitement in challenges, not backing down from them. Along with his student mentality, where he is continuously learning new information and techniques, Jastin is a father of two boys who embodies a dad's traits that are needed to put on for pride and to look after the pack.


A graduate from NC A&T State University in Professional English and a master’s in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University, Jastin also brings the experience of starting his own business with Artis Studios LLC and putting in the work as a musical artist himself. To put it short. Jastin Artis knows the game inside and out. 


As a Hip-Hop Renaissance artist, Jastin’s music speaks from his heart and soul, elevating his listeners to relate the human experience's vulnerabilities, and providing a comfortable place where they can rest their fears, scars, pain, and love in. These traits also carry into his business.


As a business professional, Jastin has found a way to put his entire self into everything he does. In Nov. 2019, Jastin worked with Kelly Services Inc. to help support their workforce initiative for independent contractors by producing, writing, and performing the song, "Ditch the Script".


The Kelly Services opportunity gave Jastin a chance to an interview with CEO, Ron Painter, of the National Association of Workforce Boards, for his Workforce Central podcast. He shared his corporate American background, being an independent contractor, and an entrepreneur in the music industry. You can hear the episode, "Profile of a Gig Worker" on the National Association of Workforce Boards Spotify, here: https://open.spotify.com/show/3FNZyRzz0KoVsf3k7WolUc?si=FgPjJiE9RrKXLyO0XcEoAg


To dive into Jastin's music, visit here.

As the leader of Artis Studios, Jastin looks forward to building music partnerships. 


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