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Democratic Attorney General Association | Environmental Post Draft

Looking Out For Our Environment

I'm just a kid from the mean suburbs of Alexandria, Virginia.  I love our environment. The whistle of nature. The sound of grass on your feet. The fabric of "clean" air.

But as an adult, I've seen we've abused our world hard, myself included. Herring's efforts have shown his leadership in keeping our state clean, healthy, nourished, and protected with Virginia love.

I've seen my area of Kingstowne come a long way with strict but needed rules to keep our streets, communities, schools, parks, etc., clean for all from water to wildlife. As climate change intensifies, our world is moving faster into disasters.

I take pride in knowing someone is taking it all seriously and moving our environment forward despite the challenges.

My community of Kingstowne Alexandria is safe and comfortable for singles and families because of Herring. Now I know, you must know too.

Herring's role represents the people and community of our state. Knowing his upbringing is center around taking responsibility when seeing a problem, he will try to fix it until he gets it done. That's what we need to keep our environment strong, healthy, and long-lasting. Thank you to his mother.

Our world is much like human health; this is all we have. So we have to be kind to our environment to last in good health for our kids and generations coming.

Thank you Mark Herring @democraticags

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