Artis Studios LLC (Artis Studios) is a home-based, faith-based artist development company lead by Jastin Artis with a personal approach when collaborating with indie artists and other clients. We engage in development as an experience.


Our services include Artis Brand Development Programs (3 Tiers), Recording & Audio Engineering, Artis Beat Shop (exclusives only)Artis Consulting, and Web Content Manager. Artis Studios will discover your voice by developing and defining you into an artist. 

Select a service, then schedule a consultation for us to discuss further details. We look forward to our music partnership.

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Artis Studios wants to help indie artists brand more than their music. The Artis Deal gives you an exclusive instrumental (s), mixing and mastering, 1-page website design, and signature biography for a great value that's half off! Want to know more? 

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Artis Brand Development Programs

Artis Studios desires a personal approach when collaborating with artists. This provides a lasting experience for the artist for years to come. Click below to learn more about our programs. 


Recording & Audio Engineering

Artis Studios is a home-based business helping the artist in recording and/or audio engineering. We can travel to you, if necessary, for your convenience. We'll provide you the best possible mix and master offering you performance tracks, a cappellas, and other high-quality files from your project. If you're a podcast or do voiceover work we can help you too. Click below to discuss your recording and/or audio engiineering needs.


Artis Beat Shop

The music industry has evolved into artists leasing beats/instrumentals. Artis Studios wants to keep a more personal option, by creating exclusive instrumentals to use at full capacity once completed. No limits.  However, this is a strict selection process. Visit our sample page and contact us if you think we are a fit for you. 


Artis Consulting

Consult with Artis Studios for an hour or 30-minutes on your next move whether it's about your single, best approach to planning your own show, or just need feedback for your song (artists and producers). We look forward to talking with you soon. 


Web Content Editor

Artis Studios can assist you with website content and design via the Wix platform or another host of your choosing. Maybe you need help with your biography, press releases, social media posts, or a book that needs an edit. Whatever your writing needs are we can help.



Demione Louis | Artist

Artist | Florida

I would recommend Artis Studios to anyone out there creating music. They treats indie artists with respect and is truly passionate about their music.

Working with Artist Studios for over 4 years, I have the tools to conduct my artist brand and business with confidence because of their leadership, skills, and partnership.

Leonard Young | Artist

Kansas City | Missouri


Artis Studios' genuine ear for music helped me develop and mold my music. Mixing and mastering skills rival the sounds on the radio. Dope, Dope, Dope!

Also, We used the app Zoom to do a live session and make some tracks. Never have done that before and it was amazing. Just like being there even though we are 5 million miles away ha! Tracks came out amazing and I would recommend all artists to see what's up. They make great music there!!

 It was such an honor to work with Artis Studios. Mr. Jastin was very professional and patient as we worked to complete my website! I love my website and have been receiving raving reviews on his work. Thank you Mr. Jastin for a great job on my website!!

Jastin is a gifted and creative artist who brings a soulful approach to his work and message. He has the unique ability to educate and entertain through his music and demonstrates the energy and enthusiasm needed to inspire audiences of all sizes. Jastin can float between the public and private sector and can help individuals and organizations deliver a solid message.



Location: Washington DC Metro Area

TEL: 703-718-6342|  Jastin@arstudiosllc.com